1200km Audax in Holland

I received some information about 1200 Audax to be held for the first time in Holland. Flat, loads of cycling lanes, windmills and bike friendly motorists make this an attractive event. Full detail below.

Miles Back 16 Dec 09

For the first time ever, in 2010 a 1200 km brevet will be organized in the Netherlands. The “Lowlands1200”, will start on July 13 in Zwolle, a capital city in the mid-east of the Netherlands.

A great deal of the Dutch scenery will be included in the route, which leads through all major parts of the country. Little parts of the route will cross the borders with Belgium (for some km) and Germany (for around 150 km).

What can you expect?
-A rather flat ride. In the middle part there will be some hills, but you’ll never get higher than 100 meters above sea-level.
-Some dikes including one of 30 km length connecting two provinces and leading all the way through sea.
-No massive participation. We expect around 50 participants.
-At some checkpoints there will be facilities for resting and sleeping.
-The weather usually is mild, with a daytime maximum of 20-25 degrees (68-77 F), but highs of around 32 (90 F) are surely possible. Nighttime lows usually are between 12 and 17 degrees (54-63 F).

There is a site: http://www.lowlands1000.nl/ but this one is still building up and info in English will follow later.

Gerrit Schotman

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