WLC 10 Mile TT – Knowl Hill – Results

Ed P. is not only quick tester, but can get the results in to the blog faster than a bun down Moony’s neck. Here’s his report on this morning racing.
The Willesden put in a good showing at the first West London Combine time trial of the season, on the 10 mile Knowl Hill course on Sunday 4 March. Our stella contingent consisted of:
M James:22:47 (fastest overall of the 60-odd finishers)
Clair Beckwith:29:12
R Purdy: 35:04
B Moon: 30.36
B Wright: 31:31
C James: 28:15
Melissa Arkenstall: 28:56
R Kelly: 31:02
S Patel: 27:28
E Packard: 24:42
Quite apart from the excitement of having R&B sensation R Kelly participating, the club members were turned out in a diverse range of Willesden kit – this matched the diverse expectations of each rider: some feared they would never make it to the turn, fears which proved groundless as, in the event, the course rolled nicely and the headwind wasn’t too evil. And the freezing rain held off until afterwards, when everyone[*] was safely ensconced back in HQ, munching cake, drinking coffee, and discussing how the ‘green train’ could be put to good effect in forthcoming team time trials. Watch this space!
* Everyone except Melissa, who went for a run.
Ed Packard
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  1. Edward says:

    I forgot to add my thanks to Chris James for the lift home, and the Willesden anecdotes!

    Meanwhile, good picture: every TT-er worth his/her salt knows to get a frame a couple of sizes too small.

    Does anybody else comment here?

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