Willesden World Ranking

Melissa Arkinstall is ranked 12th in the world following her debut at the World Duathlon championships in Hungary. Representing Team GB in her age group, she completed against the best in the world in this event, which consists of a 10km run, and 37km bike ride and a further 5km run.

The bike course was quite technical with five hairpins turns on it, however it was flat with only an 8 metre height difference, largely due to a bridge. Both the cycle and the running courses wound their way around the historical centre Gyor, about 125km west of Budapest.
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2 Responses to Willesden World Ranking

  1. Edward says:

    Must’ve been the double egg and chips.

    Well done Melissa!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey thanks Ed, I promise that I was fuelled by lots of Hungarian bread and unteresting salads which were all garnished with popcorn!

    Oh and it was 15 dead turns – my favourite! :0


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