Willesden Bidon: We want your design ideas!

I have spoken to Ray and he is happy there is enough interest to get some Willesden bidons made up.  Now we need a design so get your crayons out!

We will be going with the Specialized Purist 22oz bottle with MoFlo cap which comes in a range of colours and cap options which I have included below.

Now it’s your turn so send in your design ideas. Use Illustrator, MS Paint, pencil, a napkin, whatever you like. There are links below to templates and the Willesden logo if you would like to use them. Want some inspiration? Have a look at these bidons.

I will put all the submitted designs up for a vote at the beginning of May.

Please email me your design (or a photo of it) by May 2nd to mailchimp@willesdencyclingclub.org.uk.

Template download
Willesden logo download
Online design tool

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