West London Combine 25 mile CC113

I’d done 106 miles on Saturday, so wasn’t feeling up for the first WLC
25 mile time trial – especially when I left Ealing and headed
straight into a nasty headwind. The wind continued throughout the morning, but
at least the sun was shining.
Hard work, but the tailwind for most of the way back made it
worthwhile. Thanks to Chris for presenting me with an aero helmet which almost
made up for the inadequacies of my legs. Thanks also to the Purdys for
pointing me in the right direction.
The winner was J Sullivan of Middlesex R.C. with a 1:02:29. 37 riders

The Willesden’s dynamic duo performed thus:
E Packard 1:05:40
C James: 1:13:19

Ed Packard

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