Welwyn track training 26th May


Great Willesden track training day at Welwyn, warm sunshine and 20 riders made it a great day with the girls in the new pink kit and riders from 5 to 67.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the session. Lots of requests for another session so let me know if you would be interested. Thanks to Charlotte Zittel and Rod Woodford for the Photo’s


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3 Responses to Welwyn track training 26th May

  1. Ray Kelly says:

    I’m interested. The track day on 1st June was great. How about some of the roadies coming along to the next one?

  2. Tom Zittel says:

    I would love to do another.

    Sign me up! 😉

  3. John Williams says:

    I’d be up for it. This date just clashed with other stuff

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