Weekend Roundup 6/7 Feb 2010

After last week’s icy roads I think our riders were happier riding on closed circuits this weekend.

Jayne Payne went to Hog Hill and finished 4th in the Women’s event there. Nearer home, in the Imperial Road Race Series at Hillingdon , Lance Woodman had his best result in the series so far when he finished 16th in the 4th Cat race and avoiding the crash on the last lap.

Peter Dixon rode in the 3rd Cat event and finished in the bunch.

The younger members( in the Hillingdon Slipstreamers until they reach 16) did well. Dan Maslin won the under 16’s event for boys and Lauren Savage was 2nd in the girl’s event. Simon Passy finished in 8th place in the under14’s.

All for now,
Regards, Gladys

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