WCC Road Race Report

Richard Jerome bagged a creditable 12th place in our E/1/2/3 road race on Tuesday night! Furthermore he picked up £10 for getting 2nd place in the 3rd cat race. Overall Richard says that’s his best ever ride in a E/1/2/3 race.

Richard seemed well placed in the peloton throughout the race. He was on the wheel of John, the eventual winner of the bunch sprint, up until the last corner. Richard takes up the story, “I had it perfect. John sprinted out of the last corner to gain position. As he was about five back and I didn’t go with him because I thought he was opening his sprint and I didn’t want to go that early. Can’t help thinking what if I’d taken his wheel though? That would have given me 5th place”.

Jayne Payne, Richie Cooper, John Williams and Darleen Rini finished in the bunch in the Cat 4 race. All are improving and points should be soon be coming their way.

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