Warratah Veterans – 12 January

Jayne Paine: I did the Warratah Veterans race at the Eastern Creek Dragway on Saturday 12 January.

It was an early start (7am) but at least it’s cool (20’C) at that time. It is a nice, wide, beautifully paved motor racing circuit. I was in C grade – all men apart from me and my mate Trouty. Trouty was a bit stuffed from the start having done a big training session at the track yesterday, which I missed.

It’s a rolling course, the only technical part is a down hill right hand bend. I found that by braking violently going in to the bend I was able to stuff up most of the peleton behind me, so I got a good lead with the forerunners going up the slope out of it.

I won the prime after a magnificent tow round from a nice bloke called Chris, but I was a bit buggered after that and we didn’t manage to make our break stick. He later went on to win the race, so unfortunately he is destined for B grade. I’ll be hunting for a new wheel to suck.

I think I rolled in about 10th out of 36 riders.

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