TT report – 12/13 June

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Peter Cookson and Gill Reynolds rode the Team Axiom ’25’ on the Portsmouth Road (P885/25).  Pete did his best ride of the year, 59:25, and Gill did a 1:5:54. Apparently Pete thought it was a super day and Gill thought it was a terrible day and they were off only 4 minutes apart.  Gill says that it is a good course, although the 2 miles down hill start makes the next 3 miles uphill seem very hard. The event was won by Kevin Tye (Datateam Allstars) in 49:58.

I rode the Finsbury Park CC ’50’ and scored my first PB at a standard distance since 1983. A 2:03:08 beats my 1980 PB on the K16 by about a minute and a half. Chris James was a DNS Apols. The event was won by Brian Walker (Team Swift-Allsports) in 1:47:53. It was a cool day with some drizzle but not much breeze. Blog here.

Coming up
Last call for entries to the WLC ’50’ on Sunday 27th June – please let me know if you want to ride. The team so far is Brian Moon, Stuart Birnie, Peter Dixon and me. Richie Jerome can’t ride that day because he has a manicure appointment he can’t move. Rich Cooper might yet ride if he confirms. Where is John Williams? Who is Ray Kelly?

Saturday 3rd July sees a ’25’ at Bentley (H25/8) organised by the Charlotteville, a ’50’ on the fast E2/50C run by the Shaftesbury and a Prime Coaching session at Welwyn Track run by WCC Capo di Velodromo, Tony Woodford.

Sunday 4th July is the Hounslow and District Wheelers’ ‘100’ on the H100/8 (Froyle, nr. Bentley).


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