The Willy Warmer (215km) and Little Willy (125km) Audaxes

The Willy Warmer (215km) and Little Willy (125km) on the 26th January are the first events of the year from the Willesden calendar of events. This was the second year for the Willy Warmer ,and the first time out for its young friend, The Little Willy.

The Willy Warmer took much the same route as last year although we swapped the frosty Chilterns in favour of a more direct route to Pangbourne through Marlow and Henley for some Jolly Good Coffee before heading off across the rolling Newbury Downs to Hungerford. Then on across the flatlands of the Test valley before heading home for that final climb back to Chalfont.

The Little Willy followed the same fast route down to Pangbourne but came back over the Chiltern hills of Turville Heath and Fingest. The Little Willy was somewhat over distance and mindful of possible bad weather conditions (and riders who might not yet have reacquired their sleek racing form after their Christmas breaks) the route sheet allowed for Turville Heath to be bypassed for a fast ride home. Happily we had a balmy January day and as far as I know only one rider took the short cut home (and that was by mistake!).

32 riders completed the Willy Warmer route, a similar number to last year, with 35 riders on the Little Willy which was a great success in doubling the number of riders on the day. I’d also like to offer thanks to Peter Turnball who helped with the route checking, Phil Chadwick of AnotherCyclingForum for manning the Hungerford Control.

Paul Stewart
WCC Audax and Touring Secretary

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