The Way We Were

The Purdy’s impressive archive of Willesden memorabilia has revealed an interesting picture of a Willesden club run to Brighton during the early 1980’s. Willesden-Brighton-Willesden, crumbs, club runs were ambitious in those days.

Does the club kit of the day has a familiar look to it?

The riders are left to right.
Alf Peyton, Selwyn Sturge, Dave Beckett, Don Mason, Ray Kelly (during his Freddy Mercury phase) and Ian Piper.

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7 Responses to The Way We Were

  1. Edward says:

    I’m amazed Ray managed to escape Brighton in that ensemble…

  2. hippy says:

    Woah, Willesden to Brighton?!
    We’ve gotta start doing those again!

  3. Edward says:

    Don’t you get involved in some kind of horrible incident every time you try to cycle to Brighton?

    Much more fun is London to Hastings, plus Hastings has better pubs.

  4. hippy says:

    Not the last time. The curse is broken! I’d ride to Hastings if I knew where it was and how to get there. I only ride to Brighton because I have a route sheet for it! 🙂

  5. Edward says:

    I’ve done Hastings a few times … having said that, the second time I did it I got internal bleeding, and the third time I did it I was hit by a car. Hmm.

  6. hippy says:

    So, perhaps it’s not me that is cursed but Ealing residents trying to make it to the south coast?

  7. Edward says:

    A good theory, but I was living in Brixton when I got internal bleeding. Perhaps a higher power is just telling us to give up.

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