The new Willesden website is finally here.

Both myself and Richard Jerome have taken time out of our busy work (and race) schedule to give the website it’s final push. We hope you are as pleased with the results as we are.

There will be more to come and we intend to grow the site over the coming months, we do however need your help.

We need more photographs, we need stories, we need calendar events and most of all we need we need regular “contributors”. A site is nothing without it’s content and who better to provide this than the members of the club itself.

So if you have anything for us, please send it over to and we promise to get it online as soon as possible.

All the best

Rich Cooper

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2 Responses to The new Willesden website is finally here.

  1. Edward says:

    Looks fantastic: understated and clear.

    I will be taking up my pen again at some point, at about the same time I pick up my bike again!

  2. Anonymous says:


    I want to send an article for the blog but I cannot find an email address for this!

    Ian Oliver

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