Simon makes significant progress

Simon Doughty has over the last few weeks defied medical prognosis andachieved a level of progress which has gone way beyond anything previously expected.

The major improvement has seen Simon unexpectedly regain the ability to speak and communicate in very simple 3 or 4 word sentences. His memory is very poor and inconsistent and he does not speak complex thoughts or phrases. He does however give responses to straightforward questions such as ‘Would you like a cup of tea?’.

He appears alert and seems to follow basic conversations. He has demonstrated an understanding of simple humour. There is a very strong likelihood that he will show substantial improvement over the coming weeks/months, though is impossible to predict at this early stage what overall level of recovery he will achieve.

Physically, he has significant muscle wastage (his girth has increased and he appears to have stick thin arms and legs) which includes his vocal muscles. Consequently, his physiotherapy has been increased and he is relearning skills such as the use of a knife and fork or the ability to hold a cup, all of which are tiring, especially as he hasn’t used his limbs/hands much duringthe last 5 months. He is having to completely relearn coordination and spatial skills. Again, it is expected that there will be significantimprovement in these over the coming weeks.

Visiting Simon now is a very different experience. Please continue tovisit, BUT please ring the ward first as Simon is now having more therapy and is often off the ward in the afternoons midweek. Ring the ward before youvisitto make sure he is there.

Visiting is 14:00 – 20:00 daily. Ward 4 Osbourn (0114) 271 5976

Melita Luxton -AUK

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