Richard’s (Off?) Road Race report – 23 Dec 07

The weather was looking much better this Saturday and a field of 53 riders turned up for this weeks race. The race was fast with all of the big hitters trying their best to get away from the bunch. I got in a couple of breaks but neither of these came to anything.

I was well placed for the last 10 laps but with 2 laps to go a rider sat up in front on me causing me to have to swerve into the grass. I got back into the bunch in time for the sprint but I didn’t have the legs to make anything of it and finished in 33rd place.

Two riders were away from the bunch with 5 laps to go and were only caught in the last 150 metres. I little disappointed after the last two weeks success but it was good training.

I am planning to ride boxing day but this will depend on how hungover I am.

Merry Xmas to everyone!

Richard Jerome

Richard’s adapted bike for his Boxing Day Race.


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