Race report – 2nd Spring Omnium at Herne Hill

I went to Herne Hill on Sunday. I like Herne Hill – it has a serenity about it, off the track anyway. On the track it was a different matter.

There was a Women’s Omnium event, as well as A & B men and juniors, but as often is the way, only two women turned up – me and my mate, ace-sprinter, Cassie Gledhill. For the most part we were racing with the B category men ( for ‘men’ , read skinny, little, pushy VCL boys). As you gather from my tone, I didn’t do well. When I wasn’t being annihilated by Cassie, I was being forced on to the Cote d’Azure by the boys. I wasn’t feeling my best and I think I might have been paying the price for being a filthy show-off the day before at the WCC track training day at Welwn.

Cassie and I had one event on our own – the 500m sprint. She slowed down as we approached the finish as I had asked her beforehand not to embarrass me too much.

I managed to stay in the 20k scratch, held at the end of the day, which neither Cassie nor compulsive trainer and top Gragario, Mike Diggins managed to do. I was feeling quite pleased with myself until I realised that it was a ruse so they could do a ‘Yogi Bear’ on my provos!

Anyway, Cassie and I caught up on gossip, had a bit of a pedal, and burnt the tips of our noses, and Mike Diggins was relegated for carving up a foul-mouthed teenager.

So we all had a really lovely day!


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