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Lord Kitchener recruiting Willesden Helpers

Yes, it’s that time every four years when the Willesden makes a foray to France called Paris-Brest-Paris. This year it runs August 21st-25th.

Are you a potential PBP rider, a potential helper wanting a trip to France, or a  former helper who wants to pass on their wisdom and knowledge?

If you’re any of the above, we’ll be having a meeting at 7pm on Thursday May 26th at Hillingdon Circuit (same night as the coaching session) to see what the riders would like and what resources are on offer. We can repair to the bar at the soccer place next door afterwards.

What level of support can be offered depends upon the number of helpers. The changes in start time and loss of  the campsite at St Quentin may affect how we do things, but the meeting will look at:

  • Bag drops,
  • Storing stuff during the ride,
  • Sleeping en-route,
  • Feeding en-route,
  • Accomodation at start/finish.

Interested but can’t make it? Email me at ianoli2010-audax@yahoo.co.uk

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