PBP Reunion

The 2007 PBP reunion took place last Friday (12th October) to honour and thank the PBP support team for all their hard work in helping the Willesden riders round the event. It also proved a useful open forum for comparing numb bums, toes and pinkies.

Mike Ellison and Reveller-in-Chief did a great job of organising the evening. He booked the greater part of the appropriately French style Café Rouge in the 21st Arrondissement, or Ealing as it is more commonly known. In total we had 24 people in attendance, which included the entire support team. Akiko made the trip from Tokyo via Paris for the specially for evening.

Bob applying his networking skills

Plenty of drained glasses, most of them Mike’s!

Mike getting in his stride

One of the highlights of the evening was the surprise cake.

Good food and wine at reasonable price (plug for Cafe Rouge)

An appropriate French theme for the evening

Akiko rounds off her Willesden CC weekend by meeting up

with the Two-up Time Trialists on Sunday morning.

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