More Hill Climb News ….

Wow, the Willesden communication lines are cracking today!

I’ve just received the following update on the Hill Climb from one of the Willesden All-stars, Simon Wicks. Simon says three Willesden riders finished in the top six. He went on to say that

“We three finished within a few seconds of each other and not far shy of the winning time. The winner was 1.58; Hippy second in 2.02; two guys tied on third at 2.04; me 5th at 2.05 and Tom London 6th at 2.07. A little further back, Pete Dixon rode a 2.12 and Richie Jerome a 2.19. Lance, sadly, didn’t make it to the top!”

“It was absolutely freezing – Windsor Hill is a real frost-pocket – and we were all shivering madly before the start. The climb itself was fairlly gruelling and I just wanted to climb off the bike from about halfway but kept going purely because I would have been too ashamed had I stopped. But I’d pretty much given up by the time the finish line came in sight! My legs were like concrete at the top. Horrible.”

“The guys did really well and we should be right proud – anything around 2 minutes is a good time for that course, apparently.”

Simon is dead right – well done one of the club’s best performances in a long while.

Miles Back
19 Oct 09

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