Mille Miglia – Day 4

This morning’s news is that Martin Lucas is the first British rider to arrive at the Casella Ligura control at 1436kms!! At this rate Martin should be back in his hotel bed this evening.

Ian Oliver, Peter Turnbull and Mel Kirkland are making steady progress. They checked through the the 995km control, near Sienna, yesterday evening.

Still no sign of Ray Kelly or Akiko Kawachi – it is looking as though they have packed somewhere on the outward leg down to near Rome.

At 21.49 Italian time last night the first rider, Silvano Riccò, was first to arrive back at the start. He rode the 1625km course in 73 hours. Chapeau, or should that be Capello to Silvano for an excellent ride.

John Davies
20 Aug 2010

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