Jayne going well in New South Wales Masters

Jayne’s Report from Australia

My total tally: 2 Golds, 2 Silvers. I didn’t race the sprint, but
seeing who
won it, I should have.

I got gold (40.8s) , Trouty (Joanne
Troutnman) got silver with 42s
and Karen Thornton had a cup of tea and went
for 44s

It was just me and Karen Thornton, and I don’t think
pursuiting is
Karen’s thing, so I won that (2m 38.7s)

All the age groups were run together, but with 2 sets of medals: one
set for the
under 45s and one set for the over 45s..
It was a fast race with the
youngsters driving the pace. I only
managed to snatch one point from them in
the first of the four
sprints. On the last lap, Trouty shot over everybody to
win the sprint
and the gold medal.

This was just one race
for the 45+ age group.
It was really just a race between me and Trouty. She
has more sprint,
tactical ability and tenacity and I have more endurance. We
both new
what each of us would be doing. I would be attacking, and Trouty
be stuck to my back wheel. I thought I had managed to break her a
times, but the nipper little critter clung on in and managed to pip
to the post by about half a wheel.

Anyway me and Trouty went out a
celebratory Chinese last night and
neither of us can see straight today. So
the result there was a dead
heat I reckon.


I wore my GB
skinsuit for the pursuit because it is very tight and
aero, but not very
I wore my blue Willsden Nat Champs skinsuit for the Points and
I’m not really allowed to wear this one as I am no longer a
champion, but they don’t understand the significance of it here, so
can get away with it, and it’s my favourite.
I wore my long-sleaved
green Willesden skinsuit for the Scratch.

Basically I can wear whatever I
want here because they don’t know our club.

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2 Responses to Jayne going well in New South Wales Masters

  1. Wendy Mears says:

    Belated congratulations on winning golds and silvers – flipping brilliant

  2. kt says:

    I think you should have raced the sprint

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