Jayne gets 4 medals at the track Masters

Jayne’s own report of her weekend at the Masters.
Total haul
2 bronzes – 500m TT and 2km pursuit
2 silvers – scratch and points.

I’m knackered. The Points Race was one of the hardest races I’ve been in. It was 40 laps of Hell.
They put all age groups together. My age group – D – was the most competitive unfortunately , and I had to try to outsprint the best sprinter- Janet Birkmyer AND chase down the best endurance athlete- Clare Newland. Clare and I got away together early on and picked up some points but we were chased down by the As and Bs for some unknown reason. This left me having to have a go at sprinting and as we were already whipping round at near 30 mph, it was difficult and made me feel a bit bilious.
Anyway, overall Janet B won it, Bradley Wiggins’ wife Cath ( A age category) came 2nd and I came 3rd, so I picked up a silver for age group.

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