Glad’s Tiding

The time trialists have been out and about this week. Ed Packard, who had a fall from his bike on the wet cobbles whilst riding through Hyde Park, teamed up with Richard Jerome to ride the Bicester Millenium C.C. 2up 10 on Tuesday evening over a 2.5 mile circuit at an RAF base and finished with a time of 24.14.

Wednesday afternoon saw Brian Moon in action in the London Vets 10 at Billington and recording his fastest 10 of the year with 26.25. On Saturday Ron Purdy rode in the Lampard 10 and finished in 30.36 on a very windy day when most people were indoors watching the cup final.

Sunday- Chris James rode in the High Wycombe 25 at Maidenhead and returned 1.07.42 to record his fastest time of the season. Gill Reynolds rode in the National Championship 10 in Cambridgeshire and did 26.13 and Ed Packard who was visiting his sister, a nurse, who was home on leave from Iraq, rode in the Stowmarket and District 10 and again finished in the top third of the field with 24.27.

Hope the weather cheers up for the Bank Holiday weekend.

Cheers Gladys

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