Film : ” A Boy, a Girl and a Bike” – 1949

“A Boy a Girl and a Bike ” is Yorkshire’s answer to Americia’s “Breaking Away”. Filmed in what looks like the Dales and Malham Tarn, the film has some similarities in the plot line to the much later American film. The story is about the Wakefield Wheelers and contains careless motorists, bike theft, cycle racing, cycling club committee meetings and illegal gambling.

The film stars Honor Blackman, Diana Dors and Anthony Newly, all of whom were very young and yet to reach their later stardom. The cast is also peppered with many other familiar British actors, well to anyone over 55 that is!

If you have an hour or so to spare over the Christmas break, then press on the link above and enjoy the film, even though it is a bit flimsy compared to today’s megabudget blockbuster.

Warning: Contains Northern accents and was made in a county containing Whippets.

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5 Responses to Film : ” A Boy, a Girl and a Bike” – 1949

  1. Dave M says:

    Aye, tek a look, film’s a reight good ‘un, t’was first episode o’ Last o’ t’ Summer Wine.
    (Cor lummie, that Thora Hird never changed much did she?)

  2. Alan Hughes says:

    I’ve been wanting to see this film for ages, any chance of it going up on youtube again?

  3. Dave Penrose says:

    It’s back on utube now !

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