Dextro Energy triathlon

I’m e-mailing you in regards to the Dextro Energy triathlon, to see if any of your club members would be interested in potentially volunteering.
The triathlon will be taking place in Hyde Park on the 15th/16th Auguts. We are keen to get as many volunteers as possible to , participate and potentially be marshalls for the event.
Each volonteer will recieve a full kit which they get to keep at the end of the race and they will also recieve breakfast and lunch for the day.
Also if you can get 25 members or more to volunteer Dextro Energy will donate £250 to your club.

Please see website below for more details to pass on to any of your members who may be interested in taking part:
As the event is taking place on the 15th it would be great if you could ask your members to contact us this week, so we can get a rough idea of you by.

If you could also provide a telephone number so that i could contact you it would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,


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