British Cyclosportif

Just found the results of the WCC riders on the British Cyclosportif which took place last Sunday.
Chris Ampofo 08:03:59
Kerry Kennedy 06:43:37
Ian Oliver 07:13:58

Michael Dunne DNF with mechanical problems.

Tony Workman of Team Quest was sixth home with a time of 05:31:52. Well done Tony!!
Come on guys you must have a story to tell the Blog. Tell us what a great day you had and how over joyed Kent motorists were to share the road with 5,000 cyclists.
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3 Responses to British Cyclosportif

  1. hippy says:

    Hey, what about me?!
    Stuart Birnie 7:03

    I haven’t finished the report yet:

  2. Anonymous says:

    Emailed my report!

    Ian Oliver

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sorry to have missed you out. I did a search down the 5000 riders registered as Willesden CC. As you had no club against your entry, I did not find you. I may have missed other anonymous WCC riders also.

    Miles Back

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