Bike Polo results

Dear all

Thanks for coming to support another fun event. The polo was particularly entertaining for participants and spectators alike. Jim and Jayne represented the Willesden, with Dave and Malc for the Westerley. I played for both teams (not simultaneously). Thanks to Paul for umpiring, despite our scant knowledge of the rules and the competitors’ blatant disregard for them anyway. Jayne had previously said that she was ‘wildly enthusiastic’ about playing and it showed, as she ploughed in to those tackles, on a borrowed track bike, which was fairly inappropriate for the task. Not that any of the rest of us were much better behaved!:

The result: A well deserved draw at 5-all (with time being called at the end of the final chukkah by our resident diplomat and umpire, Paul).

I would definitely like to build this up to a larger annual inter-club event (preferably with about twice as many people attending). It’s absolutely crazy fun and too good to miss, so make a point of signing up for a game next year.

Thanks again to the competitors, and to Jim and Wendy Mears for helping me set things up earlier and to Vince for manning the BBQ for much of the evening

Cheers, Roly
Westerley CC

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