Audaxer gentle leg stretcher

If anyone wants to get in a flattish 200K in preparation for the longer PBP qualifiers coming up, this  Saturday, 19th  March, you can join me, Paul Stewart and Liam Fitzpatrick for a ride out from Baldock on the southern bit of my 30th July PBP warm up. Get in touch at

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  1. Ian Oliver says:

    Four of us (me, Liam Fitzpatrick, Paul Stewart, Peter Turnbull) did the ride in splendid sunshine – so unlike my previous route check between Christmas and New Year, when at one point the fog was so thick I could not see over the road. I have chosen the route to be as much like PBP as possible, and apart from the fact that the good citizens of Northants were not lining the road to applaud and proffer drinks, it came pretty close.

    We took the chance to navigate differently. Like the best WWI general I was leading from well behind the front. So while I was barking out direction changes while grovelling well to the rear, the front was frequently disappearing over the horizon. Still, we got back in the end.

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