Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting/Moan was held on Sunday 3rd December. Around 30 people were present , many not seen from one year to next. During the meeting there was a small shuffle of club officers, the new line up is as follows –

President Jimmy Love
Vice President Jack Griffith
Chairman Brian Wright
Vice Chairman Rocco Richardson
General Secretary Mike Ellison
Treasurer Gladys Purdy
Time Trial Sec. Suzz Patel *newly elected*
Road Race Sec. Chris “Jumbo” James *newly elected*
Track Secretary Roger Woodford
Time Keeper Jim Mears
Assistant Time Keepers Gladys Purdy, Mike Ellison, Wendy Mears
Social Secretary Hilary Pandya
Club Captain John Wheatley
Press Secretary Gladys Purdy
Clubroom Users Council Jean Newall, Ron Newall
Webmaster Lindsey Hobbs
Warden Ron Purdy
Trophy Secretary Rocco Richardson
Membership Secretary Liz Creese *newly elected*
Touring Secretary Gavin Gilbert
Trustees Brian Wright, Gladys Purdy
Auditors Ron Sacker, Gladys Purdy

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