A recent posting on the Audax site referred to a very amusing internet site. It deliciously pondered up on replacing cyclist hand signals with a system of flags as favoured by the navy. It suggested the following useful signals

My brake blocks have melted.
My cap has fallen over my eyes.
My ball bearings have escaped.
My water bottle is empty.
My panniers are flaccid.
I am about to post a letter.
My dinner is ready.
Pedal faster! I am about to run up your stern.
Your stoker is asleep (tandem only).
I am on fire.
I require a tug.
My steering lock has activated itself.
Man overboard. (Tandems only.)
What about the ground nut scheme?
My handlebars have uncurled.
Keep well clear : my feet are trapped in my toeclips.
My specs are steamed up.
I am being blown backwards.
No hand signals–my hands are frozen to the handlebars.

Additional flags for the Willesden include ……..

My subs are late
I may have left my iron on
My shorts have passed their eat-by date
Recent contact with Egg Darrial (Dorset Coast Perm Riders only)
Garden furniture not being carried
I am in contact with my inner saddle
Experiencing severe methane inhalation (M. Brooking stoker only)
I am not a WCC member but I read your blog

Miles Back

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