2014 Fryathlon – Sunday 7th December


Fry - F.E.B.


John Wheatley, known only as “The Captain”, has given this years Fryathlon an Olympic flavour.  In a transparent manoeuvre to get this prestigious Willesden event in to the 2016 games “The Captain” has spread the event over three purpose-less venues. Secrecy, cunning and a strict avoidance of paying his cafe bill have been his mantra…. the last two points being very closely linked

The full programme of events can now been revealed and your intense training schedules can now be honed for the (roll of drums!!) “The Fryathlon”.

All competitors will meet at the club run meeting point (ie outside Shane’s Nurseries, on the A40 in Denham) at 9:30am on Sunday, 7th December. Whereupon you will ride to the various Fryathlon venues across Bucks.

Event 1: The Downhill
Held on the A355 towards Beaconsfield

Event 2 – “The Fry”
To be consumed at the Deep Mill Diner on the A413 near Gt Missenden. Points will be awarded for every item of fried animal or vegetable consumed. If you haves eyes like fried eggs or fingers like sausages (even veggie ones) then take extra care of them during this part of the competition.

Event 3 – The Climb

The Hill climb on Rectory Hill, Amersham. Contents consumed in Event 2 to be retained throughout the duration of event 3.

Post event celebrations will followed before a quick wash and brush-up before dashing over to the WCC AGM to brag to all your clubmates.

Miles Back

Stay Miles Back

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3 Responses to 2014 Fryathlon – Sunday 7th December

  1. Gladys Purdy says:

    Sounds great. Unfortunately Purdy and I ,together with Mick Paddington,will be at the West London Combine AGM which starts at 9.30am. Hope to see you all at Hillingdon at 2.30pm.

  2. Ian Why says:

    I will bring the zip tyes.
    Can’t have anyone cheating!!

  3. Jim Mears says:

    I can’t wait to see the results for this one. Last chance to win a WCC trophy for 2014.

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