This Concerns YOU.

Yes I mean You!!    Willesden Road Race organiser, Jayne Paine, is pitifully short of helpers for next weekend’s John and Dulcie Walker Road races. There are not enough people to fill each role and you should deep into yourself if you have not responded to Jayne’s call for help.

You can help in any of the following areas –

– Marshals – accredited and red-flag
– Drivers
– Course signage
– Sign-on desk
– Refreshments – making + selling
– Finish-line
– Race Course Signage

You can contact Jayne Paine on email using, or through a comment on this blog posting.

Your help is vital – contact Jayne now. Go on …. I mean now.

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  1. justin semmens says:

    I’m available to help & will contact Jayne

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