Changes to Facebook Group


You may have noticed that the blog posts are not being posted over on Facebook by our trusty “Blog Monkey”

This is because of changes Facebook have made this month to their API relating to groups. We can no longer automatically send blog posts to the group. This means that anyone who posts on the blog will need to also post a link on the FB group manually if they wish to do so. (Any web savvy members who know a work around please let me know)

There is no change to the weekly newsletter which will still send out a digest of blog posts automatically. If you are not already subscribed to the newsletter you can sign up here!

Tom Z

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2 Responses to Changes to Facebook Group

  1. Miles Back says:

    Aaarghhh! I suppose FB regard this as progress.

  2. hippy says:

    How were the posts being sent to the blog? Some kind of WordPress plugin?
    There might be an update for the plugin written to deal with FB’s API update?

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