Beastly Helpers Ride

Last weekend the riders who will be helping on the forthcoming “Beast from the East” 600km Audax had a test ride around the full course. If the ride was not hard enough, the helpers also missed out on the comfort of fully supported control stops at Yeovil and Middle Wallop that the riders on the full running of “The Beast” will enjoy.

The Beast from the East starts in Waltham Abbey and heads west to Taunton Dean services for the turn before returning to the start. A full route can be seen here

Amongst the beastly helpers taking part were Mark Brooking (Chief Beast), Jane Moore (on the back of the Beast!), Ray Kelly, Stuart Bernie, Joselyn Chappel and Phil Magnus.

Conditions on the ride were like a fine wine – dry, but spiced with a a nagging headwind. It was served chilled, with night time temperatures as low as 3C!

Following are a few pictures from the ride…… Sorry that there were none of Stuart Bernie as he was already back home in bed after completing the ride in record time!!

If anyone would like to help out at the controls at Waltham Abbey, Yeovil or Middle Wallop this weekend (Sat 23rd and Sun 24th May) then please contact Mark Brooking (Beast Organiser) at

Miles Back


Passerby nabs a crafty selfie with a green manaquin

A passerby nabs a crafty selfie with a random green mannequin.

Post Script from Mark Brooking : “Passerby is Dave who replaced front bottom bracket and saved the ride for me. 2wheels bikeshop in Thame deserves honorable mention.”


A large green garden ornament!

For Sale – A large green garden ornament (fishing rod required)


Mark Brooking and Jane Moore (mainly eclipsed by Planet Brooking)

Kit-Man Kelly assaults one of the thousands of climbs on the Beast

Kit-Man Kelly assaults one of the thousands of climbs on the Beast


The Longbarrow progresses (Jane still mostly eclipsed …..)


I’ve no idea who this is, but he’s looking good on this climb.

Kit-Man Kelly closes another jersey deal.

Kit-Man Kelly starts his jersey sales patter – all credit cards accepted

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