Willlie Warmer: 15th or 22nd January

You have a choice of dates for the Willie Warmer, the first of our Paris-Brest-Paris qualifiers. With impeccable timing the official ride is on Saturday, 22nd January , giving you barely time to cycle from the end of the ride to the annual dinner, but any Willesdenite can join Paul Stewart and others on a special Limited Edition Willie on the 15th, riding the same route and getting in that early PBP qualifier.

To find out more and enter go to http://www.aukweb.net/cal/calsolo.php?Ride=11-943. AUK members can pay online by card.

Anyone completing the full series of Willesden PBP qualifiers will get a medal and free entry to a pre-PBP Audax.

You can easily take in the Little Willie and the Dinner on the same day, if you have entered the shorter ride. Cut-off for finishing the 100k is at 16.20.

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