Willesden Fun Race Day Results

Thanks to everyone who turned up despite the unpredictable weather. Here are the results.

One Lap Time Trial

Roger Woodford 2.05
Baysal Mehmed 2.12
Rich Cooper 2.18
Halil Mehmed 2.18
Tony Savage 2.20
Tony Woodford 2.22
Ray Kelly 2.31
Rodney Woodford 2.34
Kirsten Savage 2.37
Connor Woodford 2.39
Suzanne Cooper 2.39
Brian Wright 2.40
Lauren Savage 2.40
John Tipping 2.42
Nici Savage 2.43
Mike Ellison 2.44
Terry Deere 2.46
John Davies 2.51
Ian Why 2.53
Ron Johnson 2.53
Aycan Mehmed 2.57
Simon Passey 3.02
Sue P 3.15
Vyvien B 3.16
Julian Holden 3.32
Eliz Mehmed 3.38
Luca Holden 4.41
Lucie Woodford 6.00

Team Sprint Winners

  • Ian Why
  • Kirsten Savage
  • Lauren Savage
  • Suzanne Cooper
  • Roger Woodford

Elimination Devil

1st Roger Woodford
2nd Baysal Mehmed
3rd Rich Cooper
4th Tony Woodford
5th Connor Woodford
6th Kirsten Savage
7th Tony Savage
8th Halil Mehmed
9th Ray Kelly

10 Lap Handicap

1st Tony Woodford
2nd Roger Woodford
3rd Rich Cooper
4th Terry Deere
5th Mike Ellison
6th Julian Holden

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