West London Combine event #4. The Squad – UPDATED

The squad vying for glory at the Hillingdon CC round of the WLC is as follows:

Lance Woodman (1:00:00)
John Williams (1:11:34)
Brian Moon (1:07:27)
Peter Dixon (58:59)
Stuart Birnie (1:00:04)
Christopher James (1:04:40)
Simon Wicks (1:00:38)

Richard Jerome (59:00)
Harmeet Dhiraj (NQT)
Balneet Dhiraj (NQT)
Tom London (NQT)

(PB since 1/1/07 in brackets)
The event is a 25m TT. The HQ and start are at the Great Missenden Cyclodrome and the first rider is off at 7:30am. 
If you’re not on the list but would still like to enter, please contact me ASAP.
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  1. John says:

    Lance. You utter, utter ba*****!!!

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