West London Combine event #2. Results

The 2nd West London Combine event was a 25m TT on the Amersham Road course (HCC113). Saturday had been a meeuch day but Sunday was warm, relatively windless and sunny. Almost a float day for this course.

Ron Purdy’s team photo (right): L-R, Brian ‘Sick Note’ Moon, Peter ‘The Hat’ Dixon, Lance ‘Book and Biro’ Woodman and Simon ‘Knees’ Wicks.

Willesden had a six riders on the start line (Brian Moon was excused boots). The fastest rider on the day was Steve Golla (High Wycombe CC) with a 58:33, but fastest WCC man, Peter Dixon, was up there in the top echelon again with his 1:1:14. Simon Wicks knocked nearly three minutes off his PB to run away with the handicap award. It was good to see TT debutant John Williams out there dispelling the rumour that the road team are too scared to test. Stuart was disappointed to go back nearly a minute on last year’s time, but this was as nothing to the despair that I felt with my three minute reversal on my 2008 time. Russell turned in a very neat 1:6 for second on handicap (** UPDATE ** The official result has Russell with a 1:4:16) – I’m sorry I missed you after the event, Russell.

The full result will appear here soon, but in the mean time, here are the green headlines…

Pos. Name Time H/cap H/cap
1 Peter Dixon 1:1:14 Scr 1:1:14 3
2 Simon Wicks 1:3:37 7:00 56:37 1
3 Stuart Birnie 1:4:01 2:30 1:1:31 4
4 Russell O’Malley 1:4:16 5:30 58:46 2
5 Lance Woodman 1:9:25 1:00 1:8:25 5
6 John Williams 1:11:34 None

Stuart’s report is here, Simon will wax lyrical here, and look out for my excuses when I can think of them here.

A big thank you to Ron and Gladys who turned up to marshall the Amersham roundabout and to Brian who showed up to be photographed.

Lance Woodman

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  1. swicks says:

    I waxed lyrical. Then I pressed the wrong button and DELETED MY ENTIRE RACE REPORT. It's gone, forever. I'm now too despondent to write it again, but will have another go tomorrow…


  2. lancewrite says:

    Notebook is your friend.

  3. hippy says:

    Write in gmail or Word or some other app that autosaves and then post it to your blog. Hindsight is great eh? 🙂

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