WendoverWoods – Club Run

Today’s club run to Wendover Woods proved to be a scorcher, both in pace and in temperature.

At Denham some 25 riders gathered for the club run including a few newbies. The group broke up into two groups, with the slower group getting to the excellent café stop first!

The café was built during the winter and has only recently opened. I enjoyed one of the best bacon sarnies I have ever had on a club run. So I am already salivating at the prospect of returning. Service was a little unsure but attentive, but to be fair they were suddenly descended upon by two dozen hungry and very thirsty bikers
After an hour or so basking in the sun we headed back to Denham at an impressive pace. Despite this the group held together well and only split in the last five miles following a vary dramatic puncture. The p*ncture fairy’s intended victim was Willesden newbie, Richard, whose suddenly deflated rear tyre slewed his bike in a most alarming manner. Thankfully he ground to a halt, still in the vertical position.

Can’t have put him off too much as he said he will be back!

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