Update on Simon Doughty

We’ve had an update on the condition of Simon from his brother, Mark. It’s good to hear that he’s progressing well.

I am Simon Doughty’s brother and just by chance I spied your web site. I am sending this email as an update to members past and present who knew Simon. Looking at you web site picture of Simon and the information I would think this is very likely to be substantially out of date.

As of Oct 2010 we are nearly four years on from when Simon suffered his life sustaining injuries in Manchester. These have been four very long years both for Simon and his family although there is a great deal of light at the end of the tunnel for us all.

In the usual Simon fashion he has proved the medical world was wrong in its prognosis and is still making progress, although Simon will always require 24/7 medical and care attention he seems so much brighter in many aspects of his daily life. He can for example now happily watch television and will be able to inform you of for example who is the American President or who won the cricket series between Pakistan and England. He visits London to view pictures at Tate Modern and also attends painting classes at a centre in New Maldean, he is also a keen cook and goes out with assistance to gain the ingredients from a local super market.

Simon’s speech for so long a frustrating point for all concerned, he will happily read magazines or newspapers with help and conversation can be made on a wide variety of topics and interests, of course cycling is still his first love and very recently he went to Docklands to see the final of The Tour of Britain and he seemed to enjoy the VIP treatment and day out.

Simon’s birthday is on October 17th and he will be fifty this year it would be nice if people who knew Simon might like to send him a birthday card, Simon has not lost his sense of humour so I’m sure he would appreciate any cards sent.

His address by the way is still:
c/o Rowland House
1a Lime Tree Avenue
Thames Ditton

Should any members wish to visit Simon it is important to ring first as Simon does now have a very busy schedule. Tel No 0208 972 9143.
Manager is now Isobella Cox.

News for 2011 it is hoped that Simon’s rehabilitation at Rowland will be at the point where he can leave and move to Guildford and be able to lead a life in his own purpose built surroundings.

With regards

Mark Doughty

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  1. Mark Doughty says:

    It is sometime since I last emailed you, giving you an update on Simon’s Doughty rehabilitation. It is now five years since Simon’s accident and although very severely brain damaged he is still very much the Simon Doughty of “old” one thing my brother never really lost was his sense of humour for better or worse.
    Simon has now got to the stage where is rehab is vitually complete and he will be leaving Thames Ditton for his designer residence on Dec 1st (Guildford). He will always require 24/7 care and attention but why not send him an email (not to long or technical please).
    His email address is: simonpauldoughty@yahoo.co.uk
    I’m sure he will enjoy replying to those he remembers.
    With regards
    Mark Doughty

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