TT reports – 1/2/3 May (photos added)


L’Equipe Vert headed to Theale to ride the West London CA 10m TT on the H10/1 course. Rain threatened but held off. There was a headwind to the turn and a crosswind back (how do they do that?).

Peter Cookson was the fastest WCC rider despite getting his old bike out of the loft for the race (apparently the new bike needs a bit of tuning). Peter returned a season’s best of 23:52 (20th place and +5:42 on standard). Someone else experimenting with kit was Chris James. He decided to ride in trainers. Apparently it helps on the hills. Either that or he left his cycling shoes at home. Chris did a 26:23 (38th, +4:07) which we think is a club ‘in daps’ record.

Gill Reynolds was the fastest woman, just missing her second 25 minute ’10’ of the season – recording a 26:03 (34th, +5:57). I chalked up a season’s best of 24:25 (23rd, +3:21). I’ve blogged about it here. The event was won by Tony Gibb in a 20:22. There were 51 finishers.


Peter Dixon and I drove up to Tempsford for the Icknield RC ’25’ on the F1/25B. The weather got worse and worse as we drove and we arrived to be told the event had been cancelled on safety grounds. It was the right decision. Still, home before 9am for a second breakfast.

Several of the Green Team were down to ride the WLCA ’25’ on the H25/4. This too, however, was affected by rain – flooding reducing it to a ’10’ on the HCC180 course. Simon Wicks and Stuart Birnie kept the green flag flying: Simon recorded 25:00 for third place and Stuart did a 26:41. Malcolm Woolsey (Westerley CC) won in 23:47. Hippy’s blog report is here and Simon’s is here. Full result here.

Bank Holiday Monday:

Five Willesdenistas took to the line at the VTTA 10m TT on a cool cold and breezy Monday morning (Ron ‘The Purdmeister’ Purdy was a DNS). The H10/22 course from Marlow has a few ups and downs, but it’s pretty sheltered and has a good road surface.

WCC stars of the day were Gill Reynolds, Peter Cookson, Chris James and Peter Dixon. Gill (26:50, +5:10 on standard) and Peter C (back on his best bike – 24:35, +4:59) won the team award. Chris (26:33, +3:57) reverted to normal cycling shoes and won the most improved on standard award. Peter D (23:15, +2:27) was the fastest WCC rider, recording a PB and finishing in sixth place, and all this after losing about a minute with a shipped chain. I did a 25:20 (+2:26). Fastest rider on the day was Chris Ball (Sigma Sport) with a 21:05.

Coming soon:
Next weekend we have four riders in the classic Charlotteville ’50’.

Entries to consider for the weekend of 22/23 May include…

Saturday 22nd: Farnham RC ’10’ on the H10/8; Middlesex RC ’25’ on the H25/1; Sotonia CC ’10’ on the P613 (slowest 120 riders)
Sunday 23rd: Amersham RC club ’25’ on the HCC114 (EOL); VTTA (West) ’10’ on the U47b (pref. to VTTA West members)

Photos by Derek Reynolds from Monday’s ’10’. Top to bottom: Peter Cookson on the new rocket machine, Peter Dixon (keep that helmet along your back Peter) and me.

Lance Woodman (TT Sec)

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