TT Report – w/e 8th August

Let me know if I’ve missed your result and I’ll update this report.

In the Westerley ‘10.4’ at the Hillingdon circuit Tony Flynn did a 27:07 and Bea Geraghtyrecorded a PB 31:41. Malcolm Woolsey of the Westerley was fastest with 24:11. It was a windy night.

If you’re reading, Tony and Bea, it might be worth checking your lap times here: – even pace is best.

Chris Vessey and Ron Purdy travelled to the midweek VTTA ’10’ at Fifield, but a violent thunderstorm just before the start dissuaded them from starting.

At the Hemel Hempstead ’10’ Gill Reynolds did a 26:13 and Ron Purdy did a 32:46. Fasest was Jason Gurney (Team Milton Keynes) with 21:00.

Peter Dixon rode the Richmond Park 10.4m TT and was 8th fastest on a road bike with a 27:21. The fastest roadie was Xavier Disley of Birmingham Uni with 23:52.

At the Westerley CC club ’10’ on the HCC109 (Chalfonts) Tony Flynn did a 25:50 and Gill Reynolds a 31:29. Fastest rider was P. Smith (Endura MI Racing) in 23:14.

Coming up…
Bank Holiday weekend sees two Westerley CC open events:

  • Sunday 29th August – 25m TT on the H25/2 (Marlow)
  • Monday 30th August – 10m TT on the H10/22 (Marlow)

Lance Woodman (TT Secretary)

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