TT report – w/e 1st August 2010

Quite a few people have hung up their TT wheels for the season, but a hardened core are keeping going and garnering some the results…


Tony FlynnGill Reynolds and I rode the Charlotteville CC ’10’ on the H10/8 (Bentley). It was a breezy day which made the journey to the turn very hard. The last couple of miles were great though. Tony recorded a 25:13, Gill a 26:02 and I did a 24:36. The winner was Stephen Whitewick (Utag with a 20:25.

I was the only WCC rider entered for the West London CA ’25’ on the Marlow ski slope course (H25/2). Unlike the day before it was a still, cool day with perhaps a tailwind finish. I recorded a 59:50 – first time ‘under’ since August 1980. The winner was Adam Topham (High Wycombe CC) in 51:26.

Coming up…
Saturday 21st August is down as the WCC Track Championships at Welwyn. There’s also a North Hants RC ’25’ on the H25/8.

Sunday 22nd: there’s an Oxonian CC ’50’ on the H50/17 and a North Middlesex and Herts CA ’25’ on the F10/25. There’s also the ECCA 12 hour on the E2 if you feel like a longer day out.

Lance Woodman (TT Secretary)

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