Tricycle Association Presentation to Jane Swain

Jane Swain - PresentationAt the weekend Jane Swain attended the Tricycle Association National dinner and prize presentation.  She won 3 first handicap awards for National 50 and the East 25 and 100. The trophy pictured is for the fastest ladies ride over 25 miles this year.

Bigger things planned for next year. Jane pictured with Barry Charlton who is the Trike competition record holder at 10, 25 30, 50 miles and 12 hours.

Mark Brooking – Officer of all things Tricycle 


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  1. vic coop says:

    I’am looking for a cheap trike, if there is such an item. I now live in Cornwall, the last trike I had was when I lived in Shropshire and a member of the T.A.

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