The Willesden One Two at Welwyn

Tom Zittel: Yesterday Connor and I rode the second round of Welwyn Track League, both of us in the B’s.

It was a lovely warm and clear evening with larger fields than last week.

In the opening 10 lap scratch I finished 3rd and Connor just behind in 4/5th.

The block pursuit followed with each of us in opposite teams. I found the pace in my group variable and did a few full lap turns or more. Connor had a similar situation in the back straight. In the end Connor took a well earned 2nd as his group won the event.

In the devil Connor rode near the front while I sat on the back of the group. We both made it to the last 4 riders when I attacked hard thinking it was the last lap. As I crossed the line with a sizeable gap they were ringing the bell! I had to really dig in and crossed the line a few meters ahead of Connor who took 2nd.
Willesden 1-2!

Neither of us made it to the end of the 10 mile scratch. there were some really handy A riders this week. Only 9 made the finish after 21 minutes.

Another great night for the Willesden!

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