The Willesden Box Hill Prologue, 17th June

On Sunday 17th June, follow the route the stars will take on 28th July.
The Sunday club run will faithfully follow the Olympic Road Race Route, except that at our pace doing all 9 circuits of Box Hill will get dull, so we will only do one, and we will have a cake stop rather than take on board musettes.

Slipstreamers and members’ friends who’ll be comfortable with the distance and conditions very welcome.

The full ride, Mall to Mall is 128Kms, starting and finishing at Richmond Park 102Kms. Some of the ride is on main roads and by the time we get back to Central London it will be busy. We’ll aim for the average club run pace.

View a map of the ride with profile and start points

Central London Start. Assemble at Caffe Nero, Wilcox Place by 09:30 from where we will set off for the official race start on the Mall.

Our start

Directly opposite Westminster City Hall, just off Victoria Street – has a loo, inside and outside seating, cycle parking in clear sight of the cafe seating.

Richmond Park Start. Those of you with cars or who like a lie-in can join at the Roehampton Gate Car Park (Cafe and loos) at 10:15. If the parking is full, the Robin Gate or Sheen Gate Car Parks or the minor roads to the left just outside Roehampton Gate are an alternative. It’s all free.

Elevenses will be at Newlands Corner.

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