The Hard Day in January Reliability Trial Sat 19 Jan

Hippy writes regarding an event on the day of the WCC dinner and prize presentation:

Saturday 19th January

This is a reliability trial which hopes to recapture some of the spirit of traditional early season club riding. It has its roots in a ride that was done in 1959, but it is a continuation of January rides that have been done by Hounslow members and friends each year since 2009.

For 2013 the event routes will start from the Hounslow clubroom at Staines Sailing Club, the main ride will go to the Big H Café at Berinsfield (85 miles) and the cadet version will be to Marlow (45 miles). It is hoped that riders will form small groups (say six to eight), but anyone who wishes may ride alone. Please do not join groups together. There will be an entry fee of £5, payable at the start.

Although any type of machine is welcome, the HD in J has always been primarily a fixed gear ride, and to promote this aspect a modest trophy will be awarded to the club whose riders do the greatest mileage on fixed. A ‘club’ for this purpose is any group which declares itself to the organisers at the start. All riders finishing within the time limit (7 hours 45 minutes for the longer distance, 4 hours 30 minutes for the shorter) will be awarded a certificate. These times are roughly 12 mph plus an allowance for a 45 minute stop

Icy roads are an obvious danger in January and if conditions are clearly too difficult on the 19th the event will be postponed until the 26th. However the organisers cannot know the state of the roads for the whole distance, and it should be made clear that participants must use their own discretion. All those taking part do so at their own risk.

Contact: 0741 501 2067. (N.B. this is a new number)

I have reservations about charging any entry fee for something which previously was free to enter, but other people tell me that the amount is derisory compared with sportives, and I can only hope that the modest cost is justified by the new format.

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