Simon Doughty – Update

Following is a recent update on Simon, from Melita Luxton of Audax UK.

“I visited Simon yesterday. He is due to be transferred at the end of theweek to a rehabilitation unit at Sheffield. Once at Sheffield, visitors willbe welcome, I’ll send round details of ward, visiting times etc as soon as he is settled.

In the last ten days he has gained greater physical control over hismovements – he is attempting to move himself about the bed and can lift hishead/upper body after having his pelvic girdle removed last week. He is still limited on his lower limbs as his femur and ankle will take much longer to heal and there is still metalwork in place. Cognitively, Simon is responding well to pain and further to the update last week, appears to be very bright and showing some awareness of his surroundings. He continues to have the classic looking up eye movement of the neurologically impaired though when fully awake and alert he is looking directly in a focussed manner at whoever is speaking to him. These bouts of focussed attention however, are brief and are only for a few seconds. He also seems to be responding to humour, though this may be a response to tone of voice rather than any cognitive understanding. He continues to tire very easily which affects his attention span. Although one cannot say for certain, I gained an impression yesterday that Simon is beginning to have the very early glimpses of his current condition. He appeared to be actively responsive to outside stimuli rather than just passively responsive. However, he is still not capable of initiating things and his physical movements remain uncoordinated though it is clear what he is trying to do (eg pulling away/struggling when something is done that hedoesn’t like/gives pain eg physio).

In summary, anyone visiting Simon at this moment in time will find a person who is healing physically very well and who has some very basic non verbal communication (eg he can turn his head towards a speaker and appears to grip their hand, has facial movements etc). (NB Simon still has a small tracheostomy in situ so he can make no verbal sounds anyway, but he has not as yet shown any indication of lip movement and attempts at speech).Visitors will find Simon has only the briefest of focussed attention spans.

It is hoped that his condition will continue to improve as it has done over the last two weeks, especially once he has been moved to the rehab unit, though at this stage no one can say how much of a recovery Simon will eventually make.

No decision has yet been made by the CPS re Simons assailant.As ever, please pass on this email to anyone you think may be interested.

Melita Luxton”

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