Road Race update

Thanks very much to everyone who has offered to help at the Road Race.

We’ve now got a full field for the morning race AND only 5 riders short of a full field for the Elite Race in the afternoon too.

I’ve made a brief list of those who have offered to help, and who will be doing what.

Please make sure you keep an eye on the weather and bring clothing for all conditions if possible. A fold up chair for marshals would be a great comfort if you have one available.

For Marshals, please can you be at the HQ which is at Neighbours hall, Church Road, Great Milton, Oxfordshire, OX44 by 8:30am at the latest. This will give you time to have a cup of tea and for John Wheatley to organise you all.

Once the morning race has finished and the Racers in the club have finished, then we will have more marshals and anyone who needs to leave can do so.

If you can only make the afternoon, please can you arrive at 12pm if possible.

Richard Jerome Organiser / Photo Finish
John Williams Lead Driver
Ray Kelly First Aid
Nici Savage Catering
Suzanne Cooper Catering
Aycan Mehmed Catering
Lauren Savage Signing on
Kirsten Savage Signing on
Haymie Marshal/Signing on
John Wheatley Chief Marshal
Jumbo Marshal
Elys Marshal
Tom Zittel Marshal
Charlotte Zittel Marshal
Hippy Marshal
Cedric Dodger Marshal
Mrs Dodger Marshal
Marianne Harding Marshal
Debbie Patel Marshal
Faith Marshal
Kulvinder Hambleton-Grey Marshal
Brian Moon Marshal
Sandra Levet Marshal
Ryan Finestone Marshal
Ray Tucker Marshal
Ian Oliver Marshal
Liz Creese Marshal
Richard Creese Marshal
John Tipping Marshal
Vic (aka Sponge) Marshal
Sean Bannister Marshal
Faith Marshal
Jayne Paine Marshal
Tom London Marshal PM
Rich Cooper Marshal PM
Neil Wylie Marshal PM
Simon Wicks Marshal PM
Peter Dixon Marshal PM
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