Results from the Press Secretary

This week the trackies have been taking the limelight. On Friday at Welwyn Connor Woodford made several attacks in the B group 10 lap scratch race, It all came together on the final lap and uncle Roger came through to win. The next race was a 10 lap block handicap in which Roger came 2nd. The final B group race was a Devil and both Connor and Roger stayed on the front and with 3 laps to go Connor took a lead which he held to the finish. This was Connor’s first senior race win and he is still under 16. Roger’s good results in the past few weeks means he is now promoted to the A League.

Ed Packard has been turning in some personal best times. Last weekend he rode in the Plomesgate 25 recording 1.02.38. On Thursday evening he rode in the Plomsgate 10 and in spite of being attacked by mosquitoes finished in 3rd place in 24.17. On Saturday he recorded his fastest ever time in the Apt Zak Carr Memorial 25 near Newmarket a 56.41.Nearer home,Pete Cookson and Gill Reynolds rode in the Hemel Hempstead 10 finishing in 23.25 and 25.07.

At Hillingdon on Tuesday, in another round of the British Cycling West Thames Series, Alex Peirce gained another 2nd place, Darryl Lusardi was 8th and Tony Lusardi 14th. Connor Woodford was unlucky enough to puncture.

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  1. edward says:

    Congratulations to the no-brakes crew!

    I’ve blogged about recent TTs at if anyone is interested in my turgid ramblings.

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